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Miner: Gem Quest (iOS/Android – 2015)


Another contract-based client project, Miner: Gem Quest is a mine-themed 3-match game created for iOS and Android.
The game features 200 hand-crafted levels, with varying degrees of difficulty and objectives. The player is also able to purchase boosts, ranging from explosive dynamite to gem-swapping shovels, in order to help get the highest possible scores on each level.
One standout feature of Miner: Gem Quest is the ability to send a replay of your game to a friend via Facebook, where they can then compete against it in an attempt to beat your score.
My role on Miner: Gem Quest involved creating the matching and hint systems, player input, behaviors for bonus tiles and boosts, implementation of in-game animations and audio, multiplayer, and assisting with level design.
Miner: Gem Quest is available for free on both iOS and Android.


Food Craze Mania (iOS – 2015)


Created as part of a contract-based client project, Food Craze Mania is a fast-food themed match 3 game for iOS.
The game features fast-paced game play, fun animations, and catchy music, which players can enjoy as they make their way through each of it’s hand designed levels.
My role on this project was game play programmer, so I was tasked with creating the matching and hint systems, player input, behaviors for bonus tiles and implementation of in-game animations, to name a few.
Food Craze Mania is currently available on iOS, and can be downloaded for free here!
Tank Battle Arena (Arcade – 2014)


Tank Battle Arena is a small arena-based multiplayer game where each player has a simple goal – destroy all of the other tanks!
The game can be played with up to 4 players (either human or AI controlled) across a series of different arenas, with the option of either timed/life-based matches.
There are seven unique weapons available, and during the match players may collect pickups – restoring their shield, and changing their weapon.
This fast-paced game was built exclusively for a custom arcade machine, however a PC build is likely to be available in the near future.


Surface Tension (Web/Android – 2014)


Created for Ludum Dare 29 in April 2014, Surface Tension is an arcade-style game drawing influences from classics such as Breakout and Tempest, where the player must shoot through a series of blocks to reach and destroy their enemy. The theme of Ludum Dare was ‘Beneath the Surface’, which inspired the idea of having to break through a barrier before being able to reach your target.
The game has very simple mechanics, and takes advantage of the ‘single-touch’ style of input, however the level of increasing difficulty become extremely challenging.
Surface Tension was created in 48 hours, and is available to play on both Web and Android.


Cyber Fall (Web/Android – 2014)


Created for Cyberpunk Jam in March 2014, Cyber Fall is a small game where the player is falling through cyber space, trying to avoid obstacles, and collect data disks.
Due to time restrictions the game is very simple, but easy to pick up and learn almost immediately.
Cyber Fall was created in roughly 14 hours, over the span of 4 days, and is available to play on both Web and Android.


Flippy Ship (Web/Android – 2014)


Created for Flappy Jam in February 2014, Flippy Ship is Flappy Bird clone with a twist. On top of players having to ‘flap’ their way through an endless tunnel, Flippy Ship adds elements inspired by Ikaruga to increase the challenges. Players are able to ‘flip’ their ship between blue and red, allowing them to absorb bullets of their respective colour.
Flippy Ship was created in my spare time over the course of a week, and was used as a test platform for building onto Android devices (something I hadn’t yet done, but turns out to be extremely easy!).
Flippy Ship is available to play on Web and Android.


Perception (Web – 2014)


Created for Global Game Jam 2014, Perception is a first-person puzzle game where the player’s view of the world is the key to moving forward. The game has a total of 5 puzzles, and in each, the player must see the word “OPEN” to advance to the next.
We had a total of 5 people working on this game over the GGJ14 weekend, and with such a large team, we were able to experiment a lot and create something that none of us had previously done.
A web version of Perception can be played here.

Fortescue’s Island (Web – 2013)


Fortescue’s Island is a small adventure game built over a weekend for 22 Jams. The idea behind this jam was to have at least one of your team members being someone who had never made a game before. I took this to the extreme by having a team of 3, with only myself as an existing game developer, and after a few hours of chaos, we had agreed on an in-house theme “Islands”, and had decided this game was to be about gathering resources to escape a deserted island that you had unfortunately been stranded on.
The player must find their way through a series of small puzzles and mazes, gathering four pieces of wood, bringing them back one at a time to the camp site to build a new boat. Late in the project, we also added 10 treasure items as a secondary goal, to help encourage exploration around the island. Considering the restraints, the game has surprisingly few bugs, and can be played through in about 5-10 minutes.
Fortescue’s Island can be played here.


World of Love (PC/Mac – 2013)


World of Love is a small resource-management game where the player must rotate the world in order to keep each of the nations happy. Taking turns, the nations will each demand something specific for their happiness (sun, moon, rain, wind). The player must spin the world to give each nation what they desire, or their happiness will decline to the point of self-destruction.
World of Love was created in 2013 during the Global Game Jam. The theme was the sound of a heart beat, which inspired the love-based idea for the game.
During this project, I took the role of programmer to assist in bringing the game to life.
World of Love is available to download here.


Burn (PC/Mac – 2012)


In Burn, players take controls of a phoenix which is on its last flight. Players must fly into red lanterns in order to keep the flames going, and the phoenix alive. If the player flies into blue lanterns, they are splashed with water and begin to lose their momentum. The game is over when the phoenix crashes into the water.
Burn was created in 2012 during the Global Game Jam. The theme was an image of a snake eating its own tail, the ouroboros, and was the inspiration for the endless-type of game play.
During this project, I was the lead (and only) programmer. The also had a dynamic audio system, which would change depending on how well the player was doing. This audio system allowed us to win an award for ‘Best Audio’ within the Melbourne community.
Burn is available for download here.


Whisperous (PC/Mac – 2011)


Whisperous is a 2.5d platform game created for PC and Mac. Taking control of Lumo, the bringer of light, players must use their powers of attract and repel in order to move particle-like organisms around the world; feeding them into other parts of the world in order to progress forward and rid the world of the darkness that has overcome it.
I worked as the design director on Whisperous in 2011, as a final project for my studies at Qantm College. This project taught me the importance of scope, how to work larger teams and the importance of playtesting.


Space Twins Turbo (Exclusive to the WinnitronAU Arcade Machine – 2011)

Space Twins Turbo is a two-player, competitive space shooter. Drawing inspiration from classic arcade games, Space Twins Turbo puts the players in an head-to-head battle for high scores as they take on endless waves of incoming alien attacks. Alternate between destroying the enemy and shielding yourself to help maintain survival in this fast-paced shooter.
For the creation of Space Twins Turbo, I made the move back to the Game Maker engine. Although I was very comfortable using Unity3d, and had already made the move to scripting with C#, Game Maker was still my preferred choice for 2d games. I was also on a tight deadline for this project, as I had to get it finished before the arcade machine was moved into the Mana Bar, so I didn’t have the time to implement any sprite-based collision systems into Unity. I’m happy to say that the game was finished on time, and although a little unbalanced, seemed to entertain all who played it.
Space Twins Turbo is exclusive to the Winnitron AU.


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