Unity Particle Scale Tool


The Unity Particle Scale Tool is a simple tool to scale the size of a particle effect without having to worry about adjusting individual values. I made this for a friend after being asked if it was something that was possible.

It seems to work pretty well, however one current downside being that when scaled too large, it can sometimes cause child particle effects to never start.

How To Use:

1) Download the Unity package file and import it into your project. The package contains a single .cs file, which lives in the project’s Editor folder.

2) Create a particle effect, or find an existing one. In the image below, I have placed a single cube near the particle effect to show the difference in scale.


3) Open the Particle Scale Tool window by going to Tools -> Particle Scale Tool. If you have a game object selected with an attached particle system, you will be given the option to Allow Scaling (otherwise you will be prompted to select one).


4) With scaling enabled you will see a range of selection boxes for scaling your particle effect. By default they are all selected, but you can toggle them on/off to suite your own needs. The slider at the bottom will scale the particle effect.


5) Once the particle effect’s scale is no longer 0, you will see two new buttons – ‘Apply’ and ‘Revert’. Apply will save the changes, resetting the scale to 1 (as this is the new default). Pressing revert (or deselecting the game object) will set the particle effect back to it’s original state, or the last ‘Apply’, whichever was most recent.

scale_04 scale_05


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